Everyday, requests come our way from family, friends, romantic partners and coworkers. It can be hard to navigate these requests, and often we feel pressure to say yes to everything we possibly can. 

The problem is, saying yes to everyone else’s needs can lead to us neglecting our own. Saying yes to everything we are asked to do can lead to physical and mental exhaustion, and in worst case scenarios it can lead to burnout and anxiety

So how can we learn to say no?

The word “no” comes with a negative stigma — often, we fear that by saying no we seem disinterested, rude or incompetent. But the reality is, saying no is a crucial skill that simply means we are caring for our own needs or desires. By rethinking our own perceptions of the word “no,” we can learn how to use it to care for ourselves. 

Some tips for learning how to say no and how to say it right: 

  1. Be firm and straightforward: You don’t need to over explain your reasoning for saying no. You also don’t need to apologize. 
  2. Take your time: When someone asks you to work on a project or go to a work event, you don’t need to respond immediately. You can ask for more time to assess your needs before responding. 
  3. Set personal boundaries: By setting personal boundaries of things you do and do not want to do, it’s easier to navigate when to say no. For example, if you don’t enjoy swimming, you know to say no when your friends ask you to go to the beach. 

Once you start putting yourself first and advocating for your own needs, you can start practicing ways to say no. Check out the infographic below for more ways to bring “no” into your vocabulary!

Guest post and infographic provided by Bestow.com

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