When was the last time you had a perfect day of self-care at home? Research says that self-care reduces stress levels and can improve your overall life quality! It’s time to put yourself as one of your top priorities in life and engage in self-care activities that will uplift you on all levels! And there’s no need for any complexity; we gathered ten simple yet effective ideas for an ultimate day of self-care at home. Let’s see them!

Guest post by Vytautas | Mindful Souls

Self Care at Home Idea #1: Skincare & Bathing

Skincare is a classic example of self-care, but certainly not outdated. Your skin will always appreciate some well-deserved pampering, and it’s an incredibly relaxing ritual.

Whether applying a face mask, toners or using spot treatments, it’s up to you to choose what your skin needs the most.

Consider ending your skincare day with a warm bath with additions such as candles, a glass of wine, or a bath bomb. It’s a perfect way to complete a skincare day that will ultimately disconnect you from all worries while soothing the mind and relieving any aches or pains in the body.

Self Care at Home Idea #2: Meditation & Spiritual Activities

Start your day with a short meditation, and explore different types of this ancient practice throughout the day. You’ll get to know yourself and your mind better. You may also discover new ways of meditation that work the best for you!

Other spiritual activities may include a reiki healing session, mantra repetition, contemplation, or coloring a mandala.

Spirituality can go a long way for your self-care and self-growth by stimulating more creativity, sharper thinking, and emotional serenity.

Self Care at home

Self Care at Home Idea #3: Books & Coffee

Do you love reading? If yes, why not dedicate a whole day to a cozy book reading with a cup of coffee or tea.

Not only will you drift away to other worlds or learn new things, but stimulate creativity, find new motivation to read, and re-energize your mind.

But it’s not all about reading! You can even brainstorm ideas and create or re-organize your dedicated reading space to make the experience even better.

Self Care at Home Idea #4: Crystal Activities

Crystals and their energy can contribute a lot to your emotional wellbeing. Meditate with them, build crystal grids, create jewelry or immerse yourself in knowing more about their characteristics and how they work.

Even if you don’t believe in any crystal’s metaphysical properties – that’s fine. Simply holding a crystal in your hand while meditating can help you be more mindful and present in the current moment. 

Focusing on the texture or the temperature of the stone can also be a great help for beginners or those who can’t seem to get their minds to stop racing. For example, Citrine stone meaning and its bright yellow colors will surely inspire you to be more positive, even if it’s by a little.

Self Care at Home Idea #5: Declutter & Clean Your Space

A messy space is no joke! It can impact you negatively in many ways. But there’s fantastic news – decluttering, and cleaning is incredibly uplifting self-care ritual.

Don’t think of it as a chore, rather a way to experience relief and satisfaction in letting go of non-essential items that take up space. You’ll be surprised how uplifting it is to clean, organize and get complete control over your space.

You can also “clean” your digital space. One example is brushing up your follower and following lists on social media or any other type of organization you’re aiming for.

Self Care at Home Idea #6: Slow Exercising

Slow breathing exercises, stretching, yoga sessions, and similar slow exercising can be excellent for your mental and physical health.

Dedicating the whole self-care day to slow exercising will get you to try new yoga poses, discover new ways of working out and motivate you to continue afterward.

And if you have kids, don’t hesitate to introduce some yoga for kids because it’s super beneficial for youngsters and the perfect family activity!

self care at home

Self Care at Home Idea #7: Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a diverse term with many benefits along the way. And throughout history, music has been used to boost morale in military troops, help people work faster and more productively, and even ward off evil spirits by chanting.

Feel free to sing along your favorite music, move to the funky beats, dance, learn an instrument or even use sound bowls.

Relaxing sounds can also perfectly complement other self-care rituals such as meditation or book reading.

Self Care at Home Idea #8: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that utilizes natural plant extracts and scents to promote your overall wellbeing. You’ll improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit and enhance your mood.

And remember, anything works here – from smudging dried herbs and diffusing essential oils to aromatic candles and more.

There’s a lot of space for creativity and experimenting in Aromatherapy; therefore, dedicating a day of self-care will allow you to discover your favorite scents!

Self Care at Home Idea #9: Crafty Day

When was the last time you dedicated yourself to creating something from scratch with your own hands? This can be drawing, knitting, sewing, and similar activities – all of them can be incredibly liberating and stimulate a lot of creativity.

Think of something you dropped off or wanted to do for a long time. Then gather resources and dedicate a whole day to creating something beautiful. 

And you can always supplement it with Aromatherapy or Sound Therapy for ultimate results!

Self Care at Home Idea #10: Strategy Day

Sometimes a reset is needed, and it’s genuinely a self-care type of thing. If you feel like your daily life is in chaos and unorganized – it’s time to re-think, re-structure, and make new essential decisions.

Free yourself from judgment and be more mindful about everything in your life: your job, friends, hobbies, goals, and anything else.

Meditation is a perfect combination with this kind of day as it will help you become an observer of your thoughts.


Self-care can be a game-changer, especially if done consistently. Now and then, reward yourself with a day full of relaxing and pleasant experiences, and you’ll see the change – we promise!

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a Wellness Coach and Healthcare Provider with 15 years of experience. I am passionate about intentional, balanced living and created this blog to help others live a mindful life focussed on Self Care! Here you will find resources covering topics from health, finance, self-discovery, psychology, to balance, mindfulness, and intentional living. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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