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31 day Gratitude Challenge

Showing gratitude is an amazing way to change our mindset! By appreciating and being thankful for the things, situations, and people in our lives, we focus on positivity. This allows us to move forward and spill that contentment into our lives and the lives of people we come into contact with. Try this 31 day gratitude challenge for yourself!

The Healing Properties of Pet Therapy with Amazing Stories of Inspiration

Healing Power of Pet Therapy: When Caleb was involved in a head-on collision suffering a very serious traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures, his chance of survival, let alone recovery, was very slim.  His father and grandmother didn’t know if he would even regain his faculties. Recovery was a long and slow process. But then Colonel came into his life...

My Favorite DIY Products to Give as Gifts

Do you love the idea of being thoughtful but don't know where to start? Brighten someone's day with these easy, inexpensive, DIY gifts. Make ahead and store for a quick way to show appreciation!