How to trick your Taste-buds!

Is there an easier way to eat my vegetables? Yes! Use these tips to "trick" your tastebuds into loving healthier food options! Over time that can change the way you taste food and actually help you CRAVE healthy options!
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My Self Care Skin Routine: looking as young as my kids!

People are amazed at my age! I tell them it's just "good genes" but I have secret beauty tricks that I use...shhhhh. I'm sharing them with you today, but you don't have to tell anyone when they ask how you look so young too!

The Healing Properties of Pet Therapy with Amazing Stories of Inspiration

Healing Power of Pet Therapy: When Caleb was involved in a head-on collision suffering a very serious traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures, his chance of survival, let alone recovery, was very slim.  His father and grandmother didn’t know if he would even regain his faculties. Recovery was a long and slow process. But then Colonel came into his life...
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