I have been seeing Therabox advertised for about a year, so I was thrilled when they reached out to ask me for a review! I am always skeptical of subscription boxes because I really don’t want cheap, junk products lying around my house. This is what happened when I opened my first box.

Therabox is a subscription service that has been curated by psychologists to promote positive thinking and Self Care. Their mission: “to inspire happier lives through practical joy boosting activities & thoughtful self care products! Each box is curated by therapists and includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience & positive psychology research in addition to full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul! We believe self care = self love.”

Therabox is similar to other box subscription services in there are 6-8 products around a main theme, however Therabox is different because they also include a therapeutic activity that is mean to improve positivity and reduce stress! This fits perfectly with Self Care Pursuit because it blends with my mission to increase mindfulness and take time to do things that fuel your soul.

My box arrived February 2020 in such a pretty purple package! There was even a cute message on the underside of the box.

The Adorable Self-Care Items

My box included the following Self Care items valued at $150+:

  • Afterspa Detox Brush with Massage Nodules ($16)~ This is perfect for Dry-Brushing, which includes exfoliation and massage to increase circulation and blood flow. This can also be used in the shower with your favorite moisturizing shower gel.
TheraBox Unboxing Self care Pursuit
  • Self Care To-do Sticky Notes by The Happy Shoppe ($7.99)~ A perfect reminder during the day to care for yourself ! I love post-it notes and these are just what I need for affirmations and reminders.
  • Luxury Shower Cap by SugarBearHair ($15)~ A high-quality shower cap with plush lining on the inside makes this my new go-to shower cap! And it can even be flipped inside-out so that you can apply your favorite hair mask and place the glossy cap against your hair! Perfect for that dry winter hair.
TheraBox Unboxing Self Care Pursuit

The Winning Item!

My absolute favorite part of the box was the activity by BaseCamp Card Co. They sent this adorable tin with 54 playing cards and a question on each card! My daughter and I enjoyed answering questions like “Explain the story behind one of your scars” and “Share 3 interesting facts about yourself.”

Other items that I really enjoyed were the SugarBearHair Multivitamin Gummies (I wish I could eat more than 2 per day! YUM) and the Self Care sticky notes by the Happy Shoppe. The AfterSpa Detox brush was really well made and had a nice handle, which I appreciated.

The Verdict

Overall I was very pleased with this box and felt that it was definitely worth the TheraBox subscription price. The items were of good quality and very thoughtful! I would definitely recommend this product. Thanks for sponsored post, TheraBox!

Ready to try Therabox for yourself? Find them at https://www.mytherabox.com/ They have many different subscription packages to choose from, starting at only $30.99!

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Therabox Unboxing Self Care Pursuit

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