We all have those moments when you have an unexpected break in the day and are looking for new things to do! Here are a few self-care activities that you can choose from. You can even use this as a catalyst to creating your own personal self-care list that you can pull out and use!

50 Fun Self Care Activities

  1. Dance in the rain!
  2. Try pottery or clay work
  3. Color as with a brand new set of markers and adult coloring book
  4. Play music: in the car, while cooking, anytime!
  5. Get outside and move!
  6. Ask someone over the age of 75 to tell you about their life.
  7. Skype a friend who lives far away
  8. Binge watch your favorite TV series
  9. Go to a movie by yourself and get a treat!
  10. Nap. Need I say more?
  11. Find a cozy nook and read a book for fun
  12. Go to your nearby café and spend your time relaxing. You can choose to watch a movie, read, make new friends, or simply drink coffee.
  13. Write your heart out. Get all that pent-up frustration and anger out on a piece of paper and destroy it.
  14. Draw, paint, sketch, write, bake, cook, or do any other creative and artistic activity you are fond of.
  15. Join a class to learn more about a hobby or develop new skills.
  16. Try a new workout class with a friend
  17. Pamper yourself: get a massage, pedicure, manicure, or facial
  18. Try out a new recipe and make it just for you.
  19. Give yourself a brain workout. Solve puzzles, crosswords, or a Sudoku
  20. Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube.
  21. Watch YouTube videos. Learn something new or be entertained by cat videos!
  22. Play with a pet. Be it yours, your friend’s, your neighbor’s… True therapy.
  23. Volunteer: Visit a school for disabled children, give some of your time to elderly in nursing homes, offer to help a neighbor
  24. Listen to informative and motivational podcasts.
  25. Play in the pool. Go swim in the lake. Visit a water park.
  26. Go for a long walk in your neighborhood and be intentional about noticing new details.
  27. Ride a bike.
  28. Take a media break.  Put your phone, computer, even TV away and just enjoy the freedom from them.
  29. Give. Give out love, time, effort, compliments and even small gifts.
  30. Go on a date. It doesn’t matter if its just with yourself. Spend an evening relaxing and unwinding from all the stress.
  31. Visit the beach and watch the waves at the sunset.
  32. Try out a new look. Get a haircut maybe? Or add a new outfit that is vastly different from your usual style.
  33. Have a professional photo shoot done.
  34. Plan a vacation with loved ones! Girlfriends, significant other, family members, a highschool friend…it doesn’t matter, just get away and relax for a few days to refresh.
  35. Order stuff online! Online shopping is highly underrated. The bliss of ordering something so comfortably will definitely leave you feeling much better.
  36. Go shopping in stores. It’s not for nothing that people call shopping a form of therapy.
  37. Eat street food.
  38. Sweat it out in the gym. There is nothing like a good session of workout in the gym to clear your mind.
  39. Sing your heart out. Go for a karaoke night or sing in the shower!
  40. There is nothing like starting a chain of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ or RAOK. Ask the people who you have helped to pay it forward instead of returning favors.
  41. Take a couple of selfies and updateyour social media.
  42. Try new image filters on Snapchat and Instagram.
  43. Make a bucket list.
  44. Start a journal.
  45. Set one health goal and stick to it for 2 weeks.
  46. Clean your room, organize your shelf, and straighten up your closet.
  47. Go through old books, photos, cards and take a trip down memory lane
  48. Make your own self-care activities list!
  49. Take a Bubble bath.
  50. Just be♥

50 Fun Self Care Activities Free Downloadable PDF!

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